Boost your sales with a CRM !

The Level 1 application by Gestisoft is implemented in 7 days and was specifically designed for Canadian SMEs and startups.

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Your Sales Management Software Is Too Complicated to Use ?

You need our Level 1 application if:
- Closing your leads takes too much time, preventing you from reaching your goals.
- You are overwhelmed: your prospects have to chase you up just to hear back from you.
- You do not have access to your pipeline when asked for your sales results and forecasts.
- You are not sure what works (or doesn’t) in your sales process... or you don't even have a sales process!
Your sales are growing; however, you are unable to keep up with them and are losing several opportunities due to a lack of focus.
- You need 4 Excel files to generate your sales reports... let's be honest, even two files is too many!

If any of these problems is causing you sleepless nights, we have a cure for your insomnia!

Actionable Data Right at Your Fingertips

A lack of information will affect your decision-making capabilities.

Our Level 1 Sales application enables you to centralize everything in one place: your sales, your opportunities, your prospects, your goals, your daily tasks, etc.

When your boss asks, "how are salesgoing?" No more beating around the bush, you can just pull your pipeline out of your pocket!

Save Time !

Automate your daily tasks by creating recurring workflow activity or alerts. Simplify your communications by sending your messages directly from the CRM app. 

Thanks to templates, you will no longer have to repeatedly modify the same follow-up email and can engage more effectively with prospects. 

Work with your everyday tools: manage your CRM system from Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Stop asking your team for updates on files and stop wasting time on follow-ups: just open your CRM app to know where each file is.

Customize the Application to Suit YOUR Business Processes

Well aware that each company is unique, we have included 10 custom fields along with the ability to adjust the Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales process according to your needs. Not only will this make it easier for your team to adopt the solution, but it will help to establish a step-by-step process that everyone can rely on, resulting in greater optimization. 

Don't have a clearly defined sales process? No problem, the Level 1 application comes with a standard process that combines the best practices in sales management. It may not reinvent the wheel, but it can be customized to ensure your business's adaptability.

Most Importantly, Boost Your Sales Within 7 Days!

We understand that your time is valuable. That's why we guarantee 7-day implementation and an easy-to-use CRM application. If you have any problems, a team of 80 experts will be at your service, including specifically a post-implementation support team to ensure project success!

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Infinite Possibilities

Let Our Customers Do the Talking

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"Our monthly reporting is instantaneous, and with just a few updates, we can publish accurate figures in less than an hour."

- Michael Balzan, Director of Sales, Ramp Inc.

"Everything has changed! We have better tracking capability that allows us to effectively manage our leads and opportunities. Our dashboard provides us with greater insight into opportunities and outcomes."

- Julie Bouffard, Account Manager, STIM, PMI Group

"We have transitioned out of the stone age to become a full-fledged company. We had a bank of about 120 customers, and after implementing our CRM system two years ago, we have reached nearly 600 contacts with complete information."

- Stéphane Frigon, Sales Director, Groupe TPOL

6 000 $ for a full solution implementation

Day 1 : Discovery Call
Days 2 to 5 : Getting started and setting up the application
Day 6 : Training
Day 7 : Go live
+ 1 month : follow-up call with assigned specialist
83.20 $ / month
per Sales Professional license
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The Level 1 Sales application includes:

- Opportunity and prospect management
- Support
- Importing accounts and contacts
- A sales process (up to 8 steps)
- Creation of users
- License assignment
- Assistance with the creation of accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities
- Customization of 10 fields
- Standard dashboard (5 indicators)
- Introduction to Microsoft Learning Guides and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

What Is the Level of Involvement Expected From My Team?

On average, 10 hours per person for the entire project. We estimate about 3 months for your team to have complete autonomy over the solution; that is to say, you will at that point be able to add modules (marketing, customer service, etc.) or to make your own improvements to the solution. A “rapid” project of this kind limits your involvement so that you can continue to focus on your priorities and be in position to take full advantage of the application as quickly as possible.

What Features Are Included With Level 1 Sales?

The Level 1 solution offers all the full features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales:
- Sales targets
- Account and customer management
- Opportunity and prospect management
- Marketing lists & campaigns
- Integration with Office 365 & Teams

Why Choose the Level 1 Approach Rather Than Standard Implementation?

Because you get the best of both worlds with rapidity and expert support. You won't be on your own, and you won't have to devote all your time for months on end either! If you wish to get started quickly with a solution that can keep up with your future growth, then Level 1 is for you!

Can the Level 1 Solution Help My Business Growth?

Yes! You will have full access to the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, allowing you to enable the features you need to support your growth.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Over Another Solution?

Dynamics 365 is a modular solution with a variety of business applications. All these applications are natively integrated, which means that you don't need to do anything to make them "talk" to each other. More specifically, your sales management, marketing and customer service modules will share common entities (accounts, contacts, prospects, incidents). This not only avoids duplicating data, but also ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information possible across all departments.

Also, not to be overlooked is Microsoft's unique Power Platform. It enables you (or us) to automate your processes with Power Automate, to create brand new applications with Power Apps using the same database as your business solutions, or to extend the functionality of your applications. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the tens of thousands of add-ons developed by thousands of Microsoft partners around the world (such as Gestisoft) via App Source.

Finally, Microsoft is a company with an excellent track record and nothing else to prove. No other solution offers such a comprehensive and flexible ecosystem to meet the current and future needs of organizations. One of the main challenges for companies is integrating disparate systems that come from different vendors. Choosing Microsoft eliminates this problem because you have hundreds of connectors at your disposal, which facilitate such integration. Moreover, few vendors invest as much as Microsoft in the development of its business applications ($19 billion annually). Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of things are just a few examples of areas of continued investment for Microsoft.

What Is the Difference Between Microsoft and Salesforce?

Here are the main competitive advantagesthat could convince you to choose Microsoft applications:
-The pricing structure is clearand transparent so that you can easily work it into your annual budget.
- When we talk about native integration between Microsoft's applications, it means that you don't have to navigate between different platforms in order to use them. You can view your leads and opportunities from Teams, just like you can reply to a customer email from the CRM app!
-Microsoft bases additionalenvironments on available tenant storage and does not automatically charge foradditional sandbox environments.
- Microsoft has built-in backup and restore capability as part of the core features of Azure SQL database.
- Microsoft stores and manages the database encryption key for all environments, so customers do not have to.
- Microsoft does not charge any fees for virtual entity connections.

Why Is Microsoft’s Application More Expensive Than Some Other CRMs?

- Dynamics 365 has market-leading applications in many categories and is rated best by analysts in sales force automation and customer service. More importantly, Microsoft has a broader ecosystem to support customers locally with partners who are onsite and understand the local market very well.
- Dynamics 365 takes a different approach to pricing, including features in the price instead of luring customers with discounts and then charging additional subscription fees.
- Dynamics 365 continually innovates building on other Microsoft technologies, customer feedback, industry trends and other organically developed product strategies.
- Microsoft customer data is hosted in extremely secure data centers, so you will not have to worry about any problems with data theft campaigns. If your company is based in Canada, your data will be hosted in Canada.

Why Work With Gestisoft?

With a proven track record of more than 25 years delivering technology solutions, we know first-hand the challenges that a company is faced with on a day-to-day basis. We have implemented hundreds of business solutions in various industries (construction, manufacturing, etc.), and we understand just how difficult it can be to implement a new application. Rest assured; you can rely on our expertise to ensure that your project is a success.

What Is Office 365 Integration?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully integrated with the Office 365 suite through their common database. Collaborate on critical documents using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams. Manage your files directly in SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Is It Possible To Integrate CRM With Other Applications?

Absolutely! Over the past 25 years, we have integrated Dynamics 365 with a multitude of other software, whether it be with connectors developed by Gestisoft or via the software program we had to connect to.

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