Take off quickly with your CRM solution and continue to evolve with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerate your sales with Level 1 CRM

The Level 1 application by Gestisoft offers you a quick and preconfigured implementation to get you up and running quickly and on your way to success with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application.

Make informed decisions for your customers

Make informed decisions with connected data between sales, marketing and your operations.

Improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts with comprehensive analysis and modeling of your sales data.

Simplify your daily tasks.

Automate your daily tasks and use artificial intelligence to improve your account management.

A unified file for your customer data.

Improve your forecasting accuracy with comprehensive analysis and modeling of your financial data.

With our team of 75 experts, we have one goal: ensure the success of your project.

Our 75 CRM and ERP experts are dedicated to the success of your project. Specialized in sales, customer service, finance, distribution and manufacturing, our implementation experts have over 38 Microsoft certifications to be one of the best Microsoft Gold Partners in Canada.

Vice-president, Professional Services
Vincent Fournier
Product Specialist - Legio 365
Mathieu Caron
Director Go Solutions
Josée Béchard
Web Marketing Specialist
Lukas Vézina
The right opportunities to accelerate your sales
Prioritize your opportunities and prospects in order to put efforts on the right potential customer.
Manage your sales from Microsoft Outlook and Teams
Work from your everyday tools. Manage your CRM tool from Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.
Use strategy in your customer management
Improve your account management with the prioritization of your customers and simplify your tasks with mass communications.
Simplify your day-to-day with interactive dashboards
Create interactive dashboards that can manage your daily tasks and see your results in real time.
Customize the application to your business processes
Create more than 10 personalized fields adapted to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales process to your reality.
Track the results of your marketing campaigns
Track the profitability of your marketing campaigns and events. Measure the return on investment of your campaigns.

Become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales pro with our experts help!

Best practice in the industry
Analysis of your situation
Sandbox environment
Administrator training
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per users per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Why do a Level 1 - Sales project?

Gestisoft has developed the Level 1 solution to allow you to get started quickly with a complete CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and to apply the best practices in sales management with a CRM tool. If you have had bad experiences using a self-service CRM, this time our experts will make sure that the tool is well suited to your needs and facilitate its use so that you can use it. benefit.

Why working with Gestisoft?

With over 23 years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we know the reality you face every day. We have implemented hundreds of business tools in different industries and we know how difficult it can be to communicate urgent information across various teams.

Which functionalities will my business really use?

The Level 1 solution offers all the complete functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. You can use the following features:
-Account and customer management
-Opportunity and prospect management
-Marketing lists & campaigns
-Product and price management
-Quotes, orders and invoices
-Integration with Office 365 & Teams
-Sales targets and territories
-Management of support requests

Can the Level 1 solution support me in my growth?

As with any business, the primary objective of SMEs is growth and development. A successful CRM solution must be able to support your development over time. Indeed, it is a long-term investment that must be able to support the development of the company and optimize it. You will have access to the full power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and this will allow you to activate the functionality you need.

What is integration with Office 365?

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not a simple integration but, it has a common database, Microsoft's Dataverse. Use the power of Office 365 to your advantage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully integrated with the Office 365 suite. Collaborate on the most important Microsoft Dynamics 365 cases from Microsoft Teams. Manage your files directly in SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Ask for free advice from our ERP/CRM project experts to support you in the different stages of your project, from financing to development.

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